Future Steps

Additional Information

We must always want to improve. While there is no easy "solution", there are always ways to make Haverford and better and more inclusive environment for all. Here are some suggested next steps from the interviewees:


  • Push for people of color (POC) to be represented as they provide a lacking perspective in leadership positions. When important decision are made, POC need to be present and listened to in order to create the most inclusive community
    • Honor Council
      • Affects students’ lives and futures
      • Has power to influence inclusiveness at school
    • Teacher/ Administrative positions
      • They have more direct contact with students
      • Help with day-to-day racial tensions
      • Know how to diffuse heated, racial-based, classroom conversations
      • Mentors to marginalized students
    • Board members
      • They make important decisions for the entire school
      • Long-term change
    • The Index
      • School newspaper
      • Share new perspectives

Challenge Your Own Perspective/ Sharing Stories

  • Engage in media that challenged your own opinions, instead of always choosing those that reaffirm your believes
  • Listen to others, hear their side of the story. Don’t regard others’ perspective as false; others experience the world differently than you
  • By listening to another's story, you may better understand their values and opinions, even if you don't agree with them

Diversity “Town Halls” 

  • Monthly, or Bi-Monthly
  • Allows students to air their grievances about problems they see at the school 
  • Suggest solutions
  • Involves administration, teachers, and students